The Goodies is a much loved comedy series that ran from 1970 to 1982 on the BBC and LWT/ITV;  The BBC  for  eight series and one with LWT/ITV .   They did Anything Anywhere and Anytime… which included being Beefeaters for the day, chasing a giant Kitten, learning the art of Ecky-Thump, and landing on the moon and turning in to Big Bunnies.  The list goes on…

Lets Meet The Goodies…


Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE (aka Timbo)

‘Very good at making a speech(usually the same one). Has own suit, and speaks posh. Impersonates ladies. Tim is the one who will speak nicely to you….’

From the village of  Buxton Derbyshire. Cambridge Footlights President, and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue team member.

Classic Goodies Quotes
Timita (during her campaign speech): “But you know, it’s high time people realised that there’s nothing a man can do that a woman can’t.”
Graeme: “Except perhaps for one thing.”
Timita: (in a deep male voice): “Not in my case!”


Graeme Garden OBE (aka Graybags, Grayboots, Megalomaniac, Loony)

‘Wears glasses, Will never use one word when ten will be more confusing, When excited, jabbers like a Gibbon. Graeme is the one who will be busy reading…’

From Aberdeen and Preston, Cambridge Footlights member,  also a member of the team on I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

Classic Goody Quotes
Graeme: “This is my latest and most ambitious plan so far, the most daring stroke in the history of human endeavour. (points to diagram) These are giant hydraulic jacks spanning the channel; this is the navy and the QEII. Teams of miners will tunnel underground from east to west, and then … then comes the big push!”
Bill (bemused): “What’s it for?”
Graeme: “I intend to tow the whole of Great Britain outside the five mile limit! Then I shall take over as leader of a pirate state.”


Bill Oddie OBE (aka Billy Kins)

‘Very good at frightening people away. Also sings. Hairy. If you call at our office Bill is the one who will bite your ankles…’

From Rochdale & Birmingham. Also a member of the Cambridge Footlights, comedy song writer and singer.  Famous birdwatcher.

The Goodies also had many music hits including Black Pudding Bertha, Inbetweenies and Funky Gibbon.

Classic Goody Quotes

 Bill (annoyed): “Everything is round in a lighthouse, look at it. The room, carpet, chairs, windows, all round, I can’t stand it much longer. Five years; I’ve been here five minutes and I’ve had enough. It’s round, it’s round, it’s round, it’s round, it’s all round!”
Tim (trying to calm him down): “Well put on a record then.”
Bill: “It’s round!” [smashes record]
Tim: “All right, I’ll give you a game of chess.”
Bill: “Round!” [throws round chessboard away in disgust]
Tim (frustrated): “Here’s your supper, and stop moaning.”
Bill (ranting): “Look at this! Hamburgers … round, peas and carrots … round, the plate … a round plate! What about this, look at that tray. Do you know what shape the tray is? The shape of the tray is round. [flings it away] The table, now let me guess, let me guess … don’t tell me! I bet it’s round, I bet it’s … [peeks] ooh what a surprise! It’s round, round, round! [thumps table]
Tim: “Well you can’t complain about this – your favourite pudding, lemon meringue pie.”
Bill (suspiciously): “What shape’s that?
Tim (unconvincingly): “Square”
Bill: “No it isn’t. It’s round!”
Tim: (slightly more convincingly) “It’s squarish”
Bill (crankily): It is not, it’s round, give me that! It’s round, isn’t it, and it’s going right into your round face.
(as he starts chasing after Tim, holding the pie aloft)
Thanks to GROK for quotes!

For more information on the super chaps three do please give The Goodies Rule Ok Fansite  a visit  Many more Goody places to visit in The Goodies Fan Community Page too!

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