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The Goodies And Some Untold Kaper’s Art Show!-The Complete Collection!

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Press Release


Hello and welcome to the new home of The Goodies And Some Untold Kapers Art Show!  The previous site was getting tricky and unstable to work so, GASUKAS can  now be found here at it’s shiny new, permanent, WordPress home.  Many changes have been made,   the About the Show page has been polished up a bit and you can now find  the shows info and work samples all in one place.  Also there is now a whole page dedicated to the Super Chaps three.  So if you click on that page you’ll be able to find out who The Goodies are and what the hit comedy series is all about.  And if that’s not satisfied your comedy taste buds then head over to The Goodies Fan Community page, where you’ll find an ocean full of Goody treats and more detailed info on The Goodies and not to mention a great bunch of friendly Goody fans who will be only to pleased help you. 😉

SO… have fun exploring The Goodies And Some Untold Kaper’s new home and if you have any queries about the art show or interested in having this show at your venue,festival or any thing else related or unrelated to The Goodies then don’t hesitate to contact me.


Jenny Doyle 

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